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Exciting news at All Creatures! 

 After being 43 years of being a staple in the Arlington community, All Creatures is expanding to better accommodate the needs of our furry companions. Dr. Cavanagh started in 1980 when he was just 24 and founded the mobile clinic All Creatures at the age of 25. After 2 years of being a traveling veterinarian, Dr. Cavanagh purchased the building we've come to know as All Creatures in 1983. This project has been on the mind of Dr. Cavanagh for about 5 years with the permit being approved a little over a year ago. There is still much to be done until construction is completely finished but are swiftly making progress. This is not the first expansion that All Creatures has undergone as its first expansion took place in 1989. Dr. Cavanagh expects to have the expansion and remodel completed by spring time 2024! Keep an eye out  for updates on our open house where we will invite our clients to see the competed expansion. To see progress photos of the construction, click here.



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Bring your small exotics to see Dr. Victoria! 

Providing routine care for your rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, small birds and lizards, All Creatures is excited to further expand our scope of care. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Victoria, call us at (360)435-8929 

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  • "All the staff is friendly and helpful. I enjoy bringing our dog to All Creatures Veterinary Service for her medical needs. Both Veterinarians are very knowledgeable and excellent! Thank you!!"
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