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We are Thankful


It is very easy given the current climate to focus on the things we have lost, so that we lose sight of all that we do have. So we would like to take a moment and reflect upon the bright and beautiful. 


We are thankful for our amazing loyal supportive clients.  Curbside is quite a change, but you have trusted us to continue to care for your pets and bring the same quality medicine as we always have. 


We are thankful to see what a valuable role pets play in our lives. Pet adoptions are up across the country (pandemic puppies!) and people are home spending more time with their pets. When the world gets a bit scary, we turn to our pets for comfort, and they never disappoint. The value of the human animal bond has never been more apparent. 


We are thankful for our essential worker status. Even when the complete lockdown began in the spring, we were able to stay open due to our status as essential workers. As veterinarians we pledge an oath upon graduation to heal and care for animals, throughout all of this our calling to be of service and remain there for our patients has been a strong priority, and will continue to be. 


We are thankful for our health. Due to our careful safety protocols and diligent sanitation and hygiene, we have not been forced to close one day since the pandemic began due to an employee being sick. Health is not something that any of us take for granted, and we feel blessed each day when we wake up feeling fit to take on the day. 


We are thankful for each other. As most of you know, we are a small business with a small staff. Working so closely with each other and for so many years (several staff have been here for 30+ years) has led us to become our own version of a family. We care for each other and support each other. We can come to work each day trusting our coworkers with our health and emotional wellbeing. This unwavering support has given us the strength to keep being there for our clients and patients, which is above all else our daily goal. 


In the spirit of thanks, we have decided to close the week between Christmas and New Years so that our staff can spend much needed time with their families. This year has been hard for our staff, they have had to forgo their typical vacations due to the increased labor demanded by our curbside service. We have never done this before, but recognize we are in desperate need for a pause, so that we can rest and recover and be ready to step into the new year with our clients and patients. 


Please plan ahead for product and prescriptions refills. We will be closed Thursday December 24, returning Monday January 4, 2021.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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