Curbside Service Protocol


We are open for curbside service!


We want to assure you that we are continuing to be her for you and your pets during these uncertain times. Due to our diligent safety protocols, we have not had to close one day since the pandemic began in March, and we will do everything in our power to continue to be here for you. At this time, we are available for healthy and sick pets by appointment only. Please plan on scheduling out several weeks for wellness appointments and routine dentals and surgeries.


Our current curbside protocol:


1.     Prior to your appointment, please bring your cell phone and charger, mask, and carriers for cats and leashes for dogs.

2.     We ask that clients remain in their vehicles upon arrival for scheduled appointments

3.     When you arrive for your appointment please call 360 435 8929, we will check you in over the phone (we will ask you where you are parked in the parking lot, what your vehicle looks like, and the best number to reach you at) or text ARRIVED to 833 250 5946, and you will be directed to fill out a form and a link to download our app. 

4.     Our technician will come out to the parking lot to get your pet. Please be ready in your mask to hand over dogs on leashes and cats in carriers. Please note, we will not be going into cars to get the pets out, please be ready to hand them over.

5.     Be ready to answer your phone when the doctor calls. They will go over history and discuss exam findings and discuss diagnostic and treatment recommendations.

6.     Once the appointment is complete, our technician will bring your pet back out to you, and the front desk will call you to go over medications and discharge instructions and collect payment. 

7.     After talking with receptionist, they will place your invoice and any product or medication on the outgoing shelf in a numbered bin by the front door for you to grab. Please be diligent about making sure you take only your product.

8.     The same process occurs for drop off appointments, and dentals and surgery appointments. Please remain in your car and call 360 435 8929, our technician will check you in over the phone then come out to collect your pet.

9.     PLEASE BE AWARE WHEN SCHEDULING IF YOUR APPOINTMENT IS A SCHEDULED TIME SLOT VS A DROP OFF. For scheduled time slot appointments, please do not leave the parking lot unless directed to do so. For drop off appointments, you will leave your pet with us, and we will call you when they are ready for pick up.

10.  We ask that you plan ahead for product and medication refills. Please take note well in advance if you will be needing refills soon and call at least 5 days ahead of time for refills. We will call you when your product is ready and take payment over the phone. For product pickup, please remain in your car and call 360 435 8929 and we will place it outside the door in the outgoing box for you. Please be diligent about making sure you take only your product. You also have the option of ordering food and medication for home delivery from our online store.

and requesting medication refills through our app:

11.  Even with these new precautions in place, we ask that if you are scheduled to see us and you OR a direct family member are exhibiting respiratory illness especially with fever or cough, that you reschedule your appointment to when you feel better and are no longer symptomatic.

12.  We will be keeping everyone updated via email. If you would like to be on our email list and are not currently, please email us at: [email protected] , subject line PLEASE ADD MY EMAIL ADDRESS, and we will make sure you will receive communication from us. Also, a good way to communicate with us is through our app:

13.  Please note our current hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm.

We know that none of this has been easy, and we thank you all for your patience and understanding! 


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