Comprehensive services for your pets

At All Creatures Veterinary Services, we appreciate the important place our furry companions hold in our lives. We understand that they are a part of your family and we take pride in providing the care worthy of your loved ones. With guidance and compassion, All Creatures' staff collectively work with pet parents to ensure that their pets wellbeing and health are our first priority. Whether your pets need routine vaccinations or spays/neuters or more complex treatment like TPLO surgeries, All Creatures is here to offer care to best support your pets in all stages of their lives. 


  • Wellness exams and prevention
  • Orthopedics (bones and joints)
  • Ophthalmology (eyes)
  • Veterinary dentistry
  • In house diagnostic lab work
  • Therapeutic and surgical laser
  • Gastrointestinal (digestive)
  • Dermatology (skin)
  • Oncology (cancer screening)
  • Soft-tissue surgery
  • Trauma care
  • Digital X-rays
Pocket pet care
Abdominal ultrasound
Geriatric care
Pain management
Spay and neuter services


We take dental care seriously. Dental care is critically important because heart disease, liver disease and kidney disease may begin with oral infections that are spread via the bloodstream. With thorough ultrasonic dental scaling and digital dental x-rays, we can treat and prevent dental decay to add to the overall health of your pet. 

Easing your pets pain with veterinary acupuncture, we can treat patients who have pain or inflammation that has not responded to traditional treatment or medication.

Pocket Pets

Our newest service All Creatures has to offer is the treatment of small birds, some reptiles, guinea pigs, rabbits and other exotics. We understand that your family may also include these scaley, feathered, or furry creatures and we are excited to offer the care they equally need. 

Services we offer

All Creatures Veterinary Services cares for your pets and the communities of Snohomish County including Arlington, Smokey Point, Lakewood, Maryville, Stanwood and Darrington. We provide wellness exams and prevention, gastrointestinal (digestive), orthopedics (bones and joints), dermatology (skin), ophthalmology (eyes), oncology (cancer screening), veterinary dentistry, soft-tissue surgery, spay and neuter services, trauma care, therapeutic and surgical lasers, digital X-rays and in-house lab, pain management and geriatric care.

  • Tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO surgery)
  • Treatment for arthritis
  • Animal acupuncture
  • Eastern Herbal Medicine
  • Pet microchip implantation
  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Spay and neuter services
  • Senior pet care
  • Pet dental care
  • Pet vaccinations
  • Pocket pet care 

We understand that having a sick pet can be a frightening experience for you and your family. Whether you have been referred to us by a friend or acquaintance or you’ve discovered us on your own, our goal is the same – to give you and your pet the best care available and make the experience as easy for you as possible.

  • Comprehensive care
  • Senior citizen discounts
  • CareCredit®
  • Pet health insurance welcome
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AmEx accepted
  • Convenient location and easy parking
  • Handicapped-accessible

Our Location

  • "All the staff is friendly and helpful. I enjoy bringing our dog to All Creatures Veterinary Service for her medical needs. Both Veterinarians are very knowledgeable and excellent! Thank you!!"
    Karen B.

All Creatures Veterinary Services

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