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Quality pet care involves preventative services and appropriate treatment for sick animals. Founded by Arlington veterinarian Dr. Tim Cavanagh, All Creatures Veterinary Services has been treating sick cats and dogs and providing spay and neuter services since 1981.

Our dental exams have real teeth

Unfortunately, our pets cannot brush and floss their teeth the way we humans do. That’s why veterinary dentistry is so critically important to your pet’s overall health. Caring for your pet’s teeth and gums is one of the best ways you can prevent many diseases. Pet dental care is critically important to your pet’s overall health because heart disease, liver disease and kidney disease may all begin with oral infections that are spread via the bloodstream.

Pet vaccinations and parasite control for disease prevention

We recommend that puppies and kittens need at least three combination vaccinations during their “window of susceptibility” to diseases, and this series should be repeated around their first birthday. The first important series should be administered early and followed up with regular boosters up

to 16 to 18 weeks of age. This is a good strategy for minimizing the window of susceptibility to disease.

Bacterial and fungal infections, protozoal diseases and parasites (fleas, ticks and worms) are common causes of sick animals. Dogs are susceptible to skeletal and muscular disorders, cardiovascular and nervous system issues, along with eye, ear and skin infections. Cats are susceptible to rabies, infectious diseases (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites), allergies and skin disorders. Much like dogs, cats are vulnerable to certain human foods, such as chocolate, onions and garlic in large quantities.

With regular pet dental care, pet vaccinations, parasite control and checkups, plus

a determined home care program, you can spare your pet from many diseases and unnecessary suffering. Pets suffering from the internal effects of dental infections will not live as happily nor as long as pets who have good dental health.

Preventative services include:

  1. Deworming and parasite screening Microchip implantation


      1. Vaccinations External Parasite Preventative
  2. Heartworm Preventative Supplements
  3. Senior pet exams and laboratory work

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